September 2016
See "Reviews CDs" for the reviews about the recently published recording of the violin and viola sonatas by Shostakovich

Freie Presse
April 2016
"Beeindruckend waren weiterhin die Durchsichtigkeit und Feinabstimmung der Interpretation. [...] Mit Mirjam Tschopp war eine exzellente Solistin zu erleben. Sie zeigte sich ungemein wandelbar im Ton, vermochte bei langen Noten voluminös aufzutrumpfen, an anderer Stelle elektrisierend schlank zu klingen. Zudem verfügte die Musikerin über hinreichend Reserven in Sachen Tempo und Beweglichkeit, um ihren mit dem Orchester oft kompliziert verzahnten Part gebührend zur Geltung kommen zu lassen."
(Volker Müller)

Zwickau - Saygun Violakonzert

Volksblatt Liechtenstein
April 2016
"In "Un poco triste" des 1935 gestorbenen Josef Suk vermochte die Geigerin einen ausgezeichneten Dialog mit dem Pianisten zu führen. [...] "Madrigal Sonata" von Bohuslav Martinu ertönte mit vielen Facetten (dramatisches Tempo, scharfe Synkopen, tiefe Intensität, Dialoge unter Solisten) und ganz kontrastiv seine "Promenades" am Schluss. Dort waren der Triumph des Lebens, Humor, Puppentänze und erneut die vorzügliche Qualität der Ausführenden zu hören. Sie stellten alle Facetten der Form und des Inhaltes mit Bravour vor - zu tiefer Freude und dankbarer Anerkennung der Konzertbesucher."

Triesenberg - Trio Flöte, Violine/Viola, Klavier

September 2015
"Visitors come from afar, as these performances are known for their high quality. [...] Each instrument is faced with soloistic demands; mastered with bravura by the musicians, this contributed to a wonderful ensemble experience. A long silence was followed by enthusiastic applause in the little Vitus church."
(Christine Grubauer)

Kammermusik im Vituskircherl - Schubert Octet

September 2015
"The group of instrumentalists captivated the audience by their technical abilities, joyfully exuberant yet stylistically polished playing. [...] Jubilant applause!”
(Balduin Sulzer)

Kammermusik im Vituskircherl - Schubert Octet

Bonner Rundschau
December 2014
Musical fireworks "The concert in the Kammermusiksaal on Wednesday turned out to be a musical highlight. [...] Fireworks were sparked not only by the unusual scoring of lesser known pieces, but especially by the joyful interpretation afforded them. [...] Tchaikovsky's Sextet will probably linger the longest in the large audience's memory, as this composition is geared to passionate expressiveness and spirited outbursts. The six musicians' lively interpretation made the most of the composition's gifts to performers: dazzlingly fast syncopations, deep feeling in the Russian-sounding themes, convincing pauses in the hymn-like interludes. An emotional roller-coaster, a first-rate concert."

Beethovenhaus Bonn - String Sextet with Mandelring-Quartett & Maximilian Hornung

Oberösterreichische Nachrichten
September 2014
"In between they played Ravel's Sonata for violin and cello, a work which remains disturbing, yet one of his best, challenging for both soloists – especially when trying to do justice to the composer's ideas as handed down by Hélène Jourdan-Morhange, the violinist of the premiere. How does one play music "with a sour taste" ? Tschopp and Pözlberger knew how, and achieved a more profound dimension."

Kammermusik im Vituskircherl - Ravel Duo

Der Tagesspiegel
May 2014
The Mandelring Quartet added two guests to its concert in the Kammermusiksaal - and delivered a full-sounding, high-energy evening. "High-pressure bowing and verve: Tchaikovsky's "Souvenir de Florence" begins with a despairing cry from the first violin. From zero to 180 km/h. The sensual tumult is not soothed by the serenading Adagio cantabile's delicate pizzicati – this is but the calm before the next storm. It is followed by crazy accelerandi, virtuosic and intricate counterpoint, and a final mad rush to the finish. The quartet's legendary homogeneity meets congenial polyphony, giving way to the guests in soloistic sections while articulating as one when all six are playing."

Philharmonie Berlin - Streichsextett mit Mandelring-Quartett & Gustav Rivinius

Anzeiger Burgdorf
May 2014
"The violist rendered the passionate rebellion and the soft intervals of apparent submission to fate with gripping intensity. A deathly hush followed the closing bars of the final Adagio. Then gradually the audience’s applause swelled to a tumultuous climax."

Burgdorf - Recital Beethoven, Enescu, Shostakovich

Basellandschaftliche Zeitung
December 2013
"First impressions confirmed that this excellent violinist, with considered and soulful objectivity, had avoided the temptations lying in wait in this concerto. In the first movement the orchestra supported Tschopp with occasional deliberate gruffness, while sensitively deferring to her when required. Both took the Andante quite slowly, allowing the violinist to display her beautiful legato and unsentimental playing. Even more convincing was the final movement, in which Mendelssohnian virtuosity was happily blended with his joyfulness."

Basel - Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in E minor

Südwest Presse / Fränkische Nachrichten
July 2012
"Tschopp impressed with secure technique and an immaculate, powerful and carrying tone, at times almost brittle yet very expressive [...]. The Allemande was full of youthful fire, spirited yet disciplined, and the concluding Gigue effortlessly virtuosic. This followed the most spectacular, enjoyable and impressive part of the matinee - Robert Schumann's "Märchenbilder". In Tschopp's dazzling viola part, the instrument quite shed its timidity, appearing – in passionate dialogue with the equally spectacular pianist – to rebel against its traditional role with a moving plea for equality."

Bad Mergentheim - Recital Bach, Mendelssohn, Schumann

Schweriner Volkszeitung
October 2011
Drama and filigree magic "She brought the right approach to the work, energetically handling the drama while tenderly moulding the dreamy lyrical passages. She had the full sound necessary to revel in the melodic lines, and filigree magic for the delicate virtuosic web."

Schwerin - Prokofieff Violin Concerto No. 1

October 2011
"Mirjam Tschopp played the Prokofiev violin concerto in the spirit of its youthful composer who liked – in his own words – to "cock a snook" at audiences rather than oblige them with pleasant violin sounds. She displayed impeccable technique and (in the rapid middle movement) impressive virtuosity, no mean feat in a concerto that features almost every conceivable difficulty; there were acerbic, even harsh sounds, with a little distance even in the lyrical passages and no sentimentality whatsoever."

Schwerin - Prokofieff Violin Concerto No. 1

Tiroler Tageszeitung
April 2011
"Mirjam Tschopp's violin and viola playing displays imagination, beauty and authority in every phrase."

Innsbruck - Recital Bartók, Themessl WP

El Tribuno
September 2009
"Swiss soloist Mirjam Tschopp began her art with great tenderness, showing sensitivity and an ethereal personality. […] Her Andante had a rare sweetness and her final Presto kept the audience on the edge of their seats."

Salta - Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in E minor

General-Anzeiger Bonn
April 2009
A single whole "In technique and timbre, this trio combination displayed excellent unity from the start. This extended to every detail of dynamics, articulation and interpretation. There was remarkable unity, while leaving room for each player's individuality and specific timbre. […] Beethoven's introductory Marcia was dispatched with great verve, the Adagio's strange combination of deep sadness and gloom and the Scherzo's lightning speed perfectly pitched, and the Allegretto alla Polacca performed with merriment and energy. The melodic and harmonic felicities and the rhythmic delights of the Dohnányi were fully realised, both in the sonorous Tutti and in the various solo passages (including at last some by the noble viola)."

Beethovenhaus Bonn - String trio with Mikhail Ovrutsky & Nicolas Altstaedt
March 2009
"Anyone not usually given to theatrical or flowery remarks who attended this concert had to admit: this was an artist at one with her instrument, and hers was not just any performance, but a celebration of emotion, passion and dedication. […] A composer's musical declaration of love for a gifted artist - this could hardly be bettered."

Schwerin - Bacri Violin Concerto No. 3

Mitteldeutsche Zeitung
March 2009
With skillful bowing "Mirjam Tschopp performed it with great verve and full sound, despite the very high tessitura of the solo part. […] Her skillful bowing conjured up a wide variety of colours, she dazzled in the cadenzas and solo passages, risked extreme sforzati and charmed us with her unusually noble "piano". "

Dessau - Klughardt Violin Concerto

Kölner Rundschau
February 2009
Changing moods "Schumann's Märchenbilder call for great musical imagination. Mirjam Tschopp and Carl Wolff tackled these charming character pieces with spirit and dedication, taking the listeners on an emotional roller-coaster. The young violinist's playing has a very sensuous sound; she showed her virtuosity in the third movement, with some audacious bursts of sound."

Abtei Brauweiler - Schumann Fairy Tale Pictures

Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger
January 2009
Balance and sensitivity "Whether in the mercurial and virtuosic third movement or in the heartfelt lullaby at the end - Mirjam Tschopp on viola and Carl Wolf established an intense chamber musical dialogue, with no instrument pushing itself to the fore. Their playing was distinguished by balance and sensitivity."

Abtei Brauweiler - Schumann Fairy Tale Pictures

La Nacion
June 2007
"This young performer confirmed her outstanding abilities in Mendelssohn’s violin concerto, where she showed great temperament and sound technique, and a most convincing expressiveness. Mirjam Tschopp’s playing is distinguished by beautiful tone, flexible bowing and a well developed feel for melody; her fine yet powerful musicality is remarkable."

Buenos Aires - Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in E minor

Cellesche Zeitung
January 2006
"Like a delicate, careful surgeon, with supreme calm she probed the essence of every phrase, every motif, exposing their meaning."

Celle - Saint-Saëns Rondo capriccioso

Badisches Tagblatt
November 2005
"From the first note, Mirjam Tschopp played with lyricism and unflagging tension, and this also made her solo cadenza in the first movement into an aha experience."

Baden-Baden - Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in E minor

Badisches Tagblatt
August 2005
"Mirjam Tschopp presented a passionate and spirited solo part, interspersed with heartfelt and very sensitive moments. Dazzling virtuosity alternating with rapt lyrisim gave the impression of a musical 'carrot and stick'."

Baden-Baden - Bartók Violin Concerto Nr. 2

April 2005
"She masters the instrument’s secrets and gave a flawless and disciplined performance, allowing the music to flow with beautiful expressiveness, clear phrasing and focused tone."

Thessaloniki - Beethoven Violin Concerto

Kölnische Rundschau
December 2003
"It certainly needs a performer as experienced as Mirjam Tschopp to give these highlights their wonderful brilliance. The heartfelt cantilena and bravoura attack she elicited from her part, beautifully supported by Semyon Bychkov and the committed orchestra, are worthy of the highest praise."
(Curt Diederichs)

Cologne Philharmony - WP Bacri Violin Concerto Nr. 3

Luzerner Zeitung
August 2002
"The real jewel of this recital was the sovereign mastery displayed by Mirjam Tschopp both as violinist and viola player."

Lucerne Festival - Recital Schumann, Bacri WP, Ravel

L'Arena Verona
September 2000
"Mirjam Tschopp showed herself as a sensitive violinist who is able to form phrasings with best stylistic sense, interesting colours and an evidently clear technique. The lively applause by the audience that crowded the theatre was rewarded with a repeat of the splendid Andante, delicately refined and in an atmosphere of almost ecstatic concentration."

Verona - Mozart Violin Concerto in G major

Neue Zürcher Zeitung
March 1995
"Mirjam Tschopp - a superior debut: The 18-year-old violinist has already done a lot in her young career. And drawing on this experience, the high school pupil also mastered her Tonhalle debut with ease. She performed the solo part of Mozart's Violin concerto in A major with verve, a big sound, impeccable intonation and scrupulous articulation."

Zurich Tonhalle - Mozart Violin Concerto in A major