May 2015
"A warmly applauded performance, thanks to the inspired sound of Tschopp's violin playing, in perfect symbiosis with the cello and the versatile musicianship of the pianist."

Fasano - Haydn, Martinu, Dvorak

February 2014
"Their sound is mellow and beautifully blended, the intonation free of any inaccuracies, the choice of tempo is spot on and their interpretation is free from any vagueness. Their Beethoven is still linked to classical formal patterns, but in the depths, in the diverse themes and the very original evolution of thematic material, one can already discern future developments. This was an interpretation of high quality, and the audience responded with enthusiasm."

Udine - Beethoven Op. 1/2

Gazzetta di Mantova
February 2014
A magnificent Beethoven, radiating joy and freedom "Wonderfully attuned to each other, the Trio des Alpes gave a beautifully convincing and meticulous interpretation, effortlessly doing justice to the different characters of these two quite complex works. […] With this in mind, the balanced ensemble gave a Beethoven performance full of clarity and expression, thrilling their attentive audience."

Mantova - Beethoven Op. 1/2 & Op. 70/2

La Voce
May 2012
"The Trio des Alpes gave an interpretation of Debussy's work with beautifully judged details, dynamics and flexibility in the shaping of its frequent changes of mood. [The musicians] are perfectly matched, and place their technical skill at the service of a balanced tonal language. Solidarity and the way they breathed together were also evident in Ravel's famous Trio [...], played with personality and suitable determination.[...] The Trio des Alpes's passionate and brilliant performance met with a warm response from the audience."
(Guido Maria Pavesi)

Mantova - Debussy, Ravel

Gazzetta di Mantova
May 2012
"Individually excellent, they are even more impressive together, evidently as the result of patient and insightful attention to detail, and a combination of admirable balance and remarkable clarity. This is all the more noteworthy as the chosen works [...] are among those whose difficulty can defeat any but the best performers. [...] The Trio des Alpes played with probing intelligence, smoothing away Debussy’'s rough edges and somewhat sketchy writing, and added depth, rationality and precision to Ravel’'s inspired text: these different but absolutely compatible approaches produced clearly defined, structured interpretations, which were received with enthusiastic applause."

Mantova - Debussy, Boulanger, Ravel

La Sicilia
November 2011
"The violinist Mirjam Tschopp's full sound and expressivity were immediately apparent, and her many soloistic episodes bloomed with inspirational freedom. The cellist, with his deep, never muffled sound, was immediately at one with his Swiss colleague, while the piano's percussive interjections held the piece together."
(Salvo Romano)

Siracusa - Wettstein, Martin, Dvorak