Anne-Sophie Mutter
March 2004
"The extent of Mirjam Tschopp's stylistic range, both as violinist and as violist, is impressive. I consider her a most promising and talented soloist, whose artistic personality is distinguished by a sensitive approach to interpretation offset by a sound technique. What is really special about her is her double gift, so seldom found: this allows her to express herself in both the violin and the viola repertoires."

Aïda Stucki Piraccini
July 2008
"Mirjam Tschopp is notable for her commanding instrumental skill on both instruments and her mature musical personality, that have brought her great success in Switzerland and abroad. I take great pleasure in drawing attention to Mirjam Tschopp and in strongly recommending her both as soloist and chamber musician."

Christoph Schiller
January 2006
"A quick intellectual grasp, absolute seriousness in her work and great insight into other people's way of thinking are the qualities that struck me when working with Mirjam Tschopp. She has spirit, technical mastery, expressive subtlety and clarity of thought. Strong nerves in concert and a highly developed gift for communicating with her audience complete a very impressive picture indeed."

Efrem Briskin
January 2007
"Mirjam Tschopp is a musician of very high caliber and one of the best violists I ever heard. She possesses a very beautiful tone and superb technique. The knowledge of the music she performs is profound. Her playing is powerful and exciting."

Franco Gulli
January 2004
"Splendid virtuoso of the violin, and fine musician as well, with an uncommon power of communication, Mirjam Tschopp is a remarkable soloist and chamber music player. Her repertory is extremely extensive and her facility in learning new works is extraordinary, constantly showing a deep understanding of different musical styles. I firmly believe Mirjam Tschopp to be destined to a brilliant career in the musical world."